CONOR SPORTS S.A. garantiza, por medio de este certificado, la calidad de la bicicleta adquirida.

La garantía legal tiene una validez de 3 años desde el momento de la venta, pero puede variar en función del país donde se realice la venta.


CONOR SPORTS S.A. guarantees the quality of the acquired bicycle.

The legal warranty has a validity of 3 years from the moment of purchase, but it can vary depending on the country where it is bought.


To be effective, the warranty registration must be made on the official website of CONOR SPORTS S.A., within a period not exceeding 30 days from the date reflected on the sales invoice, clearly indicating the frame's serial number (punched at the bottom of the frame and the bidi code located next to it), purchase establishment and the rest of the requested data.

This warranty applies only to the original owner of the frame or bicycle as listed on the invoice and warranty registration and is not transferable. If the product is sold by the original purchaser to a third party, the guarantee will lose its validity.

Claims related to this warranty must be processed through the authorized CONOR-WRC seller where the purchase was made, always attaching the original sales invoice and warranty registration. The interested party must prove his identity by means of a valid legal document depending on each country.

In case of not being able to go to the mentioned distributor, he may go to another previously agreed with our Warranty Department.

The final decision on the acceptance of a guarantee will depend exclusively on our staff once the analysis of the part in question has been carried out.

We reserve the right to repair frames and forks or to replace them with a new model of similar or superior characteristics.


This lifetime warranty will in no way cover the following cases:

  1.          Defects caused by wear derived from normal use of the bicycle. We recommend periodically do the maintenance of the bicycle.
  2.          The replacement of components such as seat posts, handlebars, stems, derailleurs, wheels... that are not compatible with the new frame in case of change will not be included.
  3.          Damage caused by accidents, improper handling, incorrect or inappropriate use of the bicycle or lack of indicated maintenance.
  4.          The warranty is expressly and exclusively limited to the repair or replacement of the defective part. It will not cover in any case the personal damages caused using the bicycle, nor the damages due to the breakage of any component. Nor the damages caused by a traffic accident, whoever is the cause of it.
  5.          The warranty of the rear swingarms and linkages of double suspension frames will be 3 years. In case of breakage, only these parts will be changed, never the complete frame.
  6.          The painting and decoration of bicycles are excluded from this guarantee, some colors are likely to lose intensity if exposed to the sun. Humidity, sweat, corrosive cleaning products, pressurized water lances... can cause rust and/or corrosion. Deterioration due to any of these causes will not be considered a manufacturing defect.
  7.          Excluded from this guarantee are models intended for competition (amateur or professional), rental or renting bicycles, models for demo or test...


Any incident with the components or parts mounted on our bicycles, from brands other than Conor or WRC (for example, Shimano, Sram, Rock Shox, Ritchey, Suntour...), will be covered by the original manufacturer's own warranty and handled by their technical service in each country.

Failure to carry out the annual maintenance indicated in the manual, and duly stamped in the maintenance book, will reduce the warranty period to the legal limit.

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